Our Projects

The Wellness Research Foundation is courageous in the face of powerful pharmaceutical companies, who spend billions of dollars conducting and influencing research and government approval of their expensive drugs!

Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, Loxahatchee,FL

Working with the RSCF to conserve and repopulate endangered species.

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Amber Needham,Inc Loxahatchee,FL

Turning the vision of a pastured, organic chicken ranch into a reality.

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Building schools for impoverished Quechua-speaking natives living 12,000 feet above sea level in the Andes mountains.

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Preserving traditional African herbal-healing knowledge before it’s lost.

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Researching Bali’s healing traditions, disease-curing herbs, and their application for alternative treatments, and providing funding for the book The Healing Herbs of Bali.

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Preserving the 500-year old tradition of the Jamaican Maroon culture, while providing continuing education and resources for the cultivation of rare herbs.

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